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Prairieview girls are introduced to solar ovens

The girls at our Prairieview program recently learned how to capture the suns UV rays, convert them into infrared rays, and use them to make food. Each girl was given a pizza box that had been donated by staff. With these boxes, the girls worked in teams to construct solar ovens using only basic materials. This activity had many benefits to the girls. They not only got to work on their team-building and communication skills, but they got to learn a new and fun way to cook, along with some fun facts: The amount of solar energy that strikes the Earth in one hour is more than enough to provide all of the Earth’s energy needs for a complete year! Solar ovens have a long standing history and are used all over the world, including places where firewood is scarce. They are a great way to make food without the use of electricity. After completing their project, they were even able to test their ovens, “roasting” marshmallows for s’mores. Brittany Bosak, Prairieview Teacher At Northwest Passage we strive to give the young men and women a well-rounded education. This includes many different and interesting things; like how to design and make solar ovens! Thank you to the staff who help make this possible.

Fun with Track and Field Day

Northwest Passage Riverside held their fourth annual Track and Field Day on Thursday, July 16. The boys at Riverside used different skills as they competed in some lighthearted events both individually and as a team, while also getting to enjoy some treats during the day. There were five teams; the blue, green, yellow, purple and pink team. Each team consisted of four or five kids and one staff member. During the events, the boys had to work together completely, using all their social and team-building skills. They had to review each challenge and figure out the best way to complete it. They used the problem solving skills they have been working diligently to improve and together came up with the best solution. They were there to help each other and always cheer on their teammates. The team activities included: two relay races, Oreo contest, golf ball toss, the obstacle course, and wet sponge dodge ball. They also had the opportunity to strive as individuals through a pie-eating contest, punt-pass-kick competition, soccer kick, 40 yard dash, and basketball shooting. These types of activities helped to keep the boys active while also reminding them of good sportsmanship. Each individual showed strengths and had something to be proud of at the end of the day. They all enjoyed themselves immensely and were given

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Summertime Art Workshops

Join us for our artist guided workshops on select Thursday evenings this summer at Northwest Passage’s In a New Light Gallery. Seats are limited so register today! Pints & Poems July 16 6pm – 8pm | $10 per person Deconstruct the world of poetry and rebuild it with the courage of a beer. Sangria & Ceramics (Part I & Part II) July 23 & 30 6pm – 8pm | $20 per person Come and get muddy while creating a charming ceramic frog in this two-part ceramics workshop. Attendance in both sessions is required for participation. During the first session a ceramics artist will lead you step-by-step through the process of hand-building a frog that can serve as garden decor, wall pocket, or a flower vase. The second session will allow you to add extra personality to your frog during the glazing process. In the end you will walk away with a piece of art that will stand the test of time and is made by none other than you. Lemonade and the Living Dead (Zombies) August 6 6pm – 8pm | $10 per person Come along for a family friendly night of zombie sized fun! Learn the art of 88zombie making with an interactive program from a special effects artist that will teach you how to transform your loved ones into the

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Passage boys place at local race

The boys of Northwest Passage Riverside ran in the City of Trails Trail Run 5K during St. Croix Falls’ Wannigan Days celebration! The team has been training hard in the mornings under the leadership of our dedicated staff: Josh, Ryan, Reid and Austin. Our residents: Garrett, Westin, Logan, and Carlos had great attitudes and put forth outstanding effort despite getting rained during the race. The boys started in the back of the pack and still managed to grab race places! Garrett placed 2nd in his age group and 5th in the overall race, Josh placed 2nd in his age group and 6th in the overall race, and as a team the boys received a golden shoe to celebrate that they were the fastest team! Ashley and I were able to work with our residents Andre and Holden to capture some of the memories. We’ll get the photos uploaded soon. Sarah Bach, M.S. Weekend Supervisor 

I’ll be better when I can get under the water…

Today the girls of Northwest Passage stopped into the In a New Light Gallery (where our kids’ stunning photography is displayed) to prepare for their third week underwater. I asked one of our girls how she was doing. She looked down at her feet and pondered her response for a moment. When she looked up, she made my day and she said, “I’ll be better when I can get under the water.” Here is a peek at their latest adventures under the surface; enjoy! “I’ll be better when I can get under the water.”

Passage boys’ latest adventures

The boys at Northwest Passage reviewed the photos from their most recent trip to Crex Meadows Wildlife Area and Shell Lake, and the results are great! Garrett captures two Lilly pad flowers at Shell Lake. Cooper discovers a bumble bee collecting nectar and pollen from a flower in order to make honey. Andre finds a family of Canadian geese swimming at Shell Lake. Holden sees a deer running through the water at Crex Meadows.

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