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Prairieview goes orienteering at Crex Meadows

The ladies of Prairieview recently participated in an orienteering lesson at Crex Meadows. The girls first got an introduction to Crex Meadows and then spent time in the classroom learning about the parts of a compass and how to use one of these age old tools for adventure.

Passage Foundation awards $6200 to past clients

April 23rd marked the first Passage Foundation Board meeting of the year. The Board, comprised of various community members and Northwest Passage Staff, reviewed Scholarship applications from 4 past clients, awarding a grand total of $6200. The funds will be used for everything from school tuition to rent expenses. I wanted to update you on the fun and exciting things going on with the Passage Foundation!  We met yesterday and awarded money to 2 Northwest Passage Clients and 2 Northwest Journey Clients. Jalyn W. received up to $2500/semester for her first year at UW-Superior.  She will be studying Psychology/Social Work.  Jalyn has overcome a lot lately (death of her mother and horse) and is still using her skills and working hard to be successful! Alexa G. received an award of $2700.00 to help her buy clothing and establish her first apartment.  She has two jobs in the food service industry and this will really help her continue her positive efforts.  She doesn’t have a lot of supports, so Emily and Amanda have helped her a lot in this process! Northwest Journey Approved $500 awards for Noah P. and Eric A, who are both are attending college. Eric will by studying  gunsmithing, and Noah is pursuing a degree in Bible Studies. Huge Congratulations to all of these great kids!!!  Remember, without your

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Summer horse therapy session comes to a close

This summer session of horse therapy has been busy! Due to my horse addiction I have collected enough horses (much to my husband’s dismay) to do horse therapy continuously, which has allowed for much more time with all of our kiddos. A big, big thanks to Mark Elliott who completes the bulk of the horse chores…

Women of the Valley goes underwater

The girls at Northwest Passage Prairieview set out on a special underwater photography excursion featuring special guest Emily Stone. Emily is an education director and naturalist at the Cable History Museum in Wisconsin. She is a gardener and explorer of the natural world. The Prairieview girls shared the day with Emily and eagerly showed her tips and tricks of taking excellent underwater photos as well as how to prepare for the day. They all slipped on their wet suits, placed snorkel masks over their heads, and squeezed their feet into flippers to get started. They began exploring the Namekagon Dam region with faces in water. From the surface, the girls appear to be calm, gently bobbing up and down on the surface of the clean, bronze water. Descending into water with their eyes wide open, the girls hover above an abundance of animated life. Water plants sway and turn under their noses. Schools of fish dart around their cameras and bodies. Crayfish retreat to nearby rocks and then cautiously peek out to continue on with their work. The sun expands underwater and turns the particles around them into gold specs. Suspended in this watery space, the girls continue to photograph. A young girl captures a picture of a shiner fighting the current under the dam, and a conversation emerges about the playful fish. With

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Under the Surface showing in Cable

An exhibit featuring the New Light Under the Surface photographs was recently held at the Cable Natural History Museum. Several of the kids got the chance to showcase their talents and gain some well-deserved pats on the back. The girls each showed off photographs they had taken under the surface and gave moving speeches about their underwater experience. See other underwater photos on the online gallery at: New Light Under the Surface.

Riverside boys find the beauty in nature

The riverside boys have spent a lot of time outdoors working on their nature photography. They have become very good at spotting natural beauty. Here are just a few of the many pictures they have taken this summer. I like this picture because it is one of my better pictures and I spent like 10 minutes just getting the light and stuff just perfect. This picture is a result of a lot of hard work. – Passage Resident I like this picture because it looks like I am inside some weird science fiction movie. This picture was taken accidentally because I didn’t know how it would turn out. And it reminds me how I thought coming to Passage was a big mistake but it turned out not to be a mistake. – Passage Resident See other beautiful shots they have taken. Visit to see more.

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