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State Representitives visit Passage

Northwest Passage is always working to expand the visibility of our kids’ talents and worth through our In a New Light Gallery. Their work has been displayed at exhibits, both nationally and…

Riverside heads to Feed my Starving Children

Residents of Riverside made a real and tangible difference in the lives children around the world. They did so by donating their time and money to the Coon Rapids-based charity “Feed My Starving Children.”

Prairieview at the Birkebeiner!

Six young ladies from Prairieview traveled north and braved the bone-chilling rain to volunteer and capture some special moments of the skiers as they traverse the trail in their final miles. Check out their photos inside!

Prairieview makes friends with the horses

The girls enjoy making friends with the horses during horse therapy. Check out some of their reflections and photos from some of their sessions this summer. I built a neat relationship with Telly. Telly is my baby. I would call him my horse. My bro. My bestie for the restie. I hope I’m able to see him again. He’s something I’m thankful for. He makes me smile! -Leah You make your own pains in life, like we made our paths today. And the fact our paths coincide with each other shows how we came together at Passage. -Diane Tully (Freedom’s Call) I feel as though I cultivated a budding relationship with him. He was fun to just be around and work with! I wish I could bond with him more, like twice a week so he could get to know me better. Would they stop being so shy if they saw me more often? Or would they just stay shy? These are the questions that keep me up at night. Ha ha! -Diane I really enjoyed being out here. It was an awesome incentive to go home and stay out of the 4th floors… I loved getting to work with the horses and the little guys. I guess they all have their own personalities. I’ve always wanted to work with animals when

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Connecting with Earth, Art, and Soul – Pottery at Riverside

“Clay work is like the Cinderella of the art therapies. She still waits to be discovered with her magic, her beauty and her ability to transform the wells of human suffering into places of insight and celebration. Her dark earthly solid mass, often appearing in greyish, brownish or terracotta dress, is hardly alluring at first sight. Touching this sticky cold mass, you sense she has a longing and determination to merge with your skin.” – Sherwood, 2010 Soggy, sticky, and not necessarily visually appealing, clay sets itself apart from other mediums. While creating ceramic pieces, there is a level of hands-on involvement that is absent from other forms of art. Its malleability is very appealing to everyone who touches it. It can be squeezed, squashed, and rolled; holding the form a person molds it into. It takes on whatever texture the creator impresses on it. For these reasons the residents of Northwest Passage often express the comfort that working with clay brings them and their desire to use it as a “fidget”, which is a coping strategy means to calm or distract them. But ceramics provide the residents of Northwest Passage with much more than just a sensory tool; it provides them with the opportunity to gain competency in a new skill. It is not uncommon for the residents to

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Same great place, just a few new names

As Friends of Northwest Passage, we wanted to let you in on a little secret, this month Northwest Passage’s residential treatment programs will have new names. The program names you’re familiar with are being updated to reflect the scenic environments in which each program is located. Our name change is just that; the same great organization and team will be here to serve your loved ones and clients. Check out our new names! Passage I (PI), located in Webster, WI on the Clam River, is now known as Northwest Passage Riverside Passage II (PII), located in Spooner, WI on Rooney Lake, is now known as Northwest Passage Lakeshore Passage III (PIII), located in Frederic, WI situated near the prairie, is now known as Northwest Passage Prairieview Child & Adolescent Center (Assessment), located in Frederic, WI, will remain the same Why did we chose to change the program’s names?  Northwest Passage’s board recognized the need to update our program names to better reflect the experience that our clients have while at Northwest Passage. After a thoughtful process of name selection, we are proud to announce these new names: Riverside, Lakeshore, and  Prairieview. We feel they will communicate to the world where caregivers and professionals are sending their children and clients. So, when you visit our website, talk to our team, or see a story about our kids, you’ll hear us

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