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Favorite PassageWay Elements

Favorite PassageWay Elements

Recreation | Nutrition | Exercise

“The PassageWay is all about living a healthy lifestyle and approaching each day with the goal of being the best version of yourself.   It’s simple and yet impossibly complex. The combination of elements that help me be the healthiest version of myself is not likely to be the same for everyone. It takes a long time to figure out your magic formula, but the closer you get the better you’ll feel and become. I think the PassageWay is how we at NWP have defined the pursuit of happiness.”



“I am passionate about realizing change and personal growth through DBT, mastery, mindfulness, nutrition, philosophy, physical fitness, and wisdom. In short, I’m committed to the process of offering seeds of growth through exposure and new ways of seeing the world.”


  • Specialty: Child Welfare, Outdoor Recreation & Physical Fitness
  • Education: BS, Political Science and Law Studies
  • With Northwest Passage since 2014

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