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Dr. Lepage’s ultimate goal of every client evaluation, as a pediatric neuropsychologist on our multidisciplinary assessment team, is to better understand each child and system in which the child lives. This can inspire hope for attaining appropriate level of care and independence while improving overall immediate and long-term quality of life. His research and clinical service experience includes assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders and behavioral outcomes such as those subsequent to prenatal neurotoxicant exposure (e.g. nicotine, alcohol, methamphetamine, prescription medication, etc) as well as impact of medical (e.g. diabetes, genetic syndromes) and neurological disorders (e.g epilespy), including consideration of psychological aspects of and adjustment to psychosocial (e.g. family) variables.

“I know it is essential to be mindful that the most inspirational and important participant in my work is my patient, the child in front of me every day.”


  • Specialty: Pediatric Neuropsychology
  • Education: PsyD in clinical psychology at the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology in 2008
  • With Northwest Passage since 2016

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