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Favorite PassageWay Elements

Favorite PassageWay Elements

Nature | Relationships | Recreation

“Nature, Relationships, and Recreation are very important in my personal life. I believe that the relationships we create in life serve as our guides. Without a strong foundation of relationships, we would be lost in this world. Recreation and Nature go hand in hand. I believe in connecting back to nature. Nature is a very healing resource that I feel needs to be utilized more. We can learn a lot from walking in Nature and embracing the lessons it has to teach us.”



“To me, hope means never giving up.  Hope is a driving force to push us to be greater than we were. I feel that every human makes mistakes, but every mistake is a learning experience. Without struggles or failures we would never grow and learn, every mistake is a chance for a new beginning. I believe in never losing hope because it is all around us.  Hope is something I have for every single one of my students. Even though we all have had trying times, with support and guidance we can overcome and be healed.”



  • Specialty: Connecting Students with nature and hands-on experiences
  • Education: BS, Agricultural Education with a Minor In Animal Science With an Emphasis In Animal Behavior (UW River Falls, 2018)
  • With Northwest Passage since 2018

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