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Favorite PassageWay Elements

Favorite PassageWay Elements

Recreation | Relaxation | Relationships

“As an “adult” there is a lot to balance. Making sure that I have time to do things that I enjoy that are specifically for me allows me to stay energized emotionally.”



“As a therapist, I think our relationships and general feelings of connectedness to others is at the core of our mental health. When we feel disconnected from others, our mood and sense of identity tend to suffer. Developing a strong relationship with my clients is the priority as this sets the course for the rest of treatment. I love anything crafty which has been super helpful with all the kiddos – utilizing art within therapy to lessen the intensity of a therapy session. To me, hope means being inspired to know you are resilient to anything life throws at you, be it a bad grade on a test or the loss of a loved one. Hope means having the internal strengths to know at your core that no matter what happens in life, you are going to be okay. Even better than okay, that you will rise above and flourish from the hardship.”


  • Specialty: Suicide Prevention and Self-Harm
  • Education: Practicum; BA, Psychology; MA, Mental Health and Behavioral Medicine
  • With Northwest Passage since 2005

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