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Your Favorite PassageWay Elements

Your Favorite PassageWay Elements

Nature | Relaxation | Relationships

“The PassageWay represents that balance we must strive for to find happiness in our sometimes difficult lives. It’s a holistic approach that leads us to provide effective experiences and opportunities that lead to hope and healing in our residents.”



“I like to focus on the Nature element of the eight PassageWay elements. I believe that being in nature is incredibly therapeutic and there is a lot that we can learn from it. Bringing nature into the classroom is a great way to enrich the spirit as well as make learning fun at the same time. Hopefully this motivates the students to take ownership in protecting our wild areas and resources for future generations. I am incredibly passionate about the natural world and understanding how it works and how it often imitates the patterns of human life. I think everybody has an inherent curiosity and I hope to encourage it within the kids here at Passage.”


  • Specialty: Nature
  • Education: BS, Geology; MN Teaching License
  • With Northwest Passage since 2016

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