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Favorite PassageWay Elements

Favorite PassageWay Elements

Nature | Recreation | Service

“Nature is important in my life because it allows me to take care of and appreciate the earth that we live on. It also gives me space to relax and unwind. Recreation is important because it keeps me busy while providing an outlet to explore my interests and find new ones. Service is important in my life because it gives me a purpose and a feeling of gratification that I’m doing something good for the community.”



“Art therapy is a passion that I bring to Northwest Passage, along with sustainability and environmental awareness. I’m also passionate about nature, hikes, and gardening, along with cooking – whether that be sweets or meals – and embracing your inner goofiness. To me, hope means being able to look forward to the future and enjoy the present, even if it isn’t what you expected.”


  • Specialty: Music, Art, and Sustainability
  • Education: Bachelor of Psychology (College of St. Benedict, 2017)
  • With Northwest Passage since 2017

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