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“Thank you Passage, for doing what you do‚Ķfor absorbing the problems of so many kids and bringing them back one by one.” (click here to read the entire letter)


“Thank you, all of you. Thank goodness there are facilities like NWP and people like you who work with these kids that need help. You are all truly wonderful. While we won’t know for some time the final path our son will take, you for sure have made a difference. Thank you!”


“Our family was nearly destroyed when our son began to suffer from serious depression. While he once had been a fun-loving kid with goals and dreams, we watched, helpless, as he became a shell of himself. Unable, or unwilling, to be a part of his own life, his grades suffered, his behavior changed, and our relationship fell apart. Then he went to Northwest Passage. Through careful treatment and consistent expectations, they helped my son get a handle on his depression. He learned about himself and they helped him remember what I’d known all along – he was worth fighting for.”


“We had been to doctor after doctor. No one seemed to be able to tell us how to help our daughter. When we found Northwest Passage, we had little hope left. But, then the doctors listened to us and to her. The treatment team worked together to figure out the puzzle our daughter’s life had become. When they finished their assessment, they sat down with us until it all made sense. They talked to us like people, not just like professionals. And they helped us where no one else could before. Now, we know what our daughter needs and we can finally help her to get it. The careful assessment that Northwest did gave us a miracle…and gave us back all the hope we had lost.”


“Rachel is doing really well – she was hired at the first place she interviewed at. She scored higher than anyone across the board on her standardized tests at the end of last year, according to her guidance counselor, who expects her to earn “high dollar” scholarships when she begins applying for college next year. Thank you to Passage for your part in helping my daughter turn her life around.”


“My son is doing outstanding since being home. I have NOTHING negative to report, and am so please with how he has done since returning to our family life. He is even using DBT skills in school to help regulate himself. You have done an excellent job!”


“…He is doing awesome! I am so thrilled with how he has done. He is using his skills at home, really enjoys school and has gotten much closer with his dad. He continues to watch what he eats and has remained active. Thank you to all the Passage staff!”



“I used to be a resident here and I used to think it was such a horrible thing to be in placement. I used to regret what got me here, but now looking back it happened for the best. I can’t say it happened for a reason or that my choices were intelligent because they were not, but it worked out for the better. Northwest Passage taught me what most parents ought to teach their kids – respect, honor, dignity, but mainly, hard work. Life is not easy by any means. You give respect to get it, you work hard for what you need, and you get what you want when you earn it. So in the end, I don’t regret. Passage taught me what I needed to know, and I thank everyone at Passage for being there for me and teaching me what i needed. Thanks to all the staff of Northwest Passage.”


“When I first came to Passage, I was a rude and unruly child. I was angry all the time and got the police called on me. It was hard to go through these doors, but I got the help I needed and now life is good. When I first came to Passage, I thought life there would be terrible, but then after a couple of months, I thought, ‘You know what? These people are actually trying to help me.” So I tried to work with you, and it worked! I’ve learned that having bipolar and ADHD diagnosis is not all bad and it gives me artistic advantages. Now I’m different because I can control my anger. I now take deep breaths, go to my room, communicate I’m angry and meditate. My favorite memory from Passage was the Christmas banquet.

I will miss you all. I hope you will remember me because I will never forget you and all the help you gave me. You were like my best friends. Friends, will you please promise me that you will keep helping kids when I leave so that I can have peace of mind just like the kids in the past? Things are going to be different…”


“I was a 15 year old boy when I went to Passage. That was over 20 years ago. I want you to know that I STILL think about the time I spent there. Thank you for those experiences.”


“I don’t know if you remember me, as it’s been ten years since I was in placement at Northwest Passage, but i just wanted to say thank you for being a contributing factor in my accomplishments in life, for teaching me what I needed to know. I know if it wasn’t for Northwest Passage I, I wouldn’t be where I am, I would probably be in prison somewhere, like most of my family. I am not saying my life hasn’t had its ups and downs, but it seems that the more I think back to my days at Passage, I remember those words of inspiration. Thank you for the difference you have made in my life. I really do appreciate it completely.”