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As Friends of Northwest Passage, we wanted to let you in on a little secret, this month Northwest Passage’s residential treatment programs will have new names. The program names you’re familiar with are being updated to reflect the scenic environments in which each program is located.

Our name change is just that; the same great organization and team will be here to serve your loved ones and clients.

Check out our new names!

Passage I (PI), located in Webster, WI on the Clam River, is now known as Northwest Passage Riverside

Passage II (PII), located in Spooner, WI on Rooney Lake, is now known as Northwest Passage Lakeshore

Passage III (PIII), located in Frederic, WI situated near the prairie, is now known as Northwest Passage Prairieview

Child & Adolescent Center (Assessment), located in Frederic, WI, will remain the same

Why did we chose to change the program’s names? 

Northwest Passage’s board recognized the need to update our program names to better reflect the experience that our clients have while at Northwest Passage. After a thoughtful process of name selection, we are proud to announce these new names: Riverside, Lakeshore, and  Prairieview. We feel they will communicate to the world where caregivers and professionals are sending their children and clients.

So, when you visit our website, talk to our team, or see a story about our kids, you’ll hear us referencing our new names next month. But be patient, some of us have been referring to our program names for decades, so it will take us a little time to get used to it. The running joke is that the new names are actually: Passage one… I mean Riverside; Passage two, I mean Lakeshore; and Passage three, I mean Prairieview.

If you have questions regarding these name changes, please contact your connection here at Northwest Passage or myself, Marceleen Mosher (Development and Communications Coordinator).

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