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Northwest Oasis Group Home

Northwest Oasis Group Home (NWOGH) provides comprehensive community based services to teenage boys in need.

The goal of the program is to significantly reduce out-of-home placement costs by utilizing a group home model that is the “hub” of services for clients. Northwest Oasis Group Home uses preexisting community services and couples those with a stable and structured setting. This structure gives our clients opportunities to experience success in their home community and assists them in a seamless transition home.

Who we serve…

Northwest Oasis Group Home focuses on serving juvenile males ages 12-17, who are experiencing difficulties in their homes, schools, or communities. All residents are in court-ordered placement as the result of delinquency determinations or a juvenile in need of protective service orders.

Placement needs may include:

  • Emotional or behavioral disorders
  • Alcohol, drug or other substance abuse problems
  • Delinquency
  • Correctional aftercare placement
  • Learning disabilities
  • Developmental disabilities

In addition to group home placement, NWOGH also provides respite care placement. This service is provided to the same clientele accepted for regular placement into NWOGH, but for short-term placements (up to 15 days). This service is provided to adolescent males who are in foster care placements or reside with their families. This service is also provided to young males who are considered runaways and placement at NWOGH is beneficial to their safety, behavioral and emotional health, and stability. During the stay at NWOGH, all available resources will be used to help stabilize the respite care resident for his return to his former environment if deemed appropriate.

About the program…

Each resident of Northwest Oasis Group Home receives a full treatment assessment within 30 days of placement. An individual treatment plan is based on the assessment and is regularly reviewed and refined to meet the changing needs of the client. Staff supervision is provided on a round-the-clock basis, with individual counseling available upon demand.

Meeting educational and treatment expectations comprises the bulk of the day at Northwest Oasis Group Home. However, all residents are afforded the opportunity to participate in a full range of recreational and leisure activities. These activities include but are not limited to visiting the public library, participating in physical activity such as weight lifting, basketball, running and swimming, as well as a full complement of board games, video games, television and radio. Many such activities are structured and facilitated by group home staff to ensure the participation of all residents. Additionally, residents participate in planned/supervised activities such as fishing, camping, and hiking as well as trips to other scenic and educational attractions throughout the area.

All residents are expected to abide by clearly defined and explained house rules and treatment goals. Staff is responsible for setting reasonable limits on behavior and expectations. Staff provides round the clock supervision and guidance. Residents agree to obey all rules and laws and to respect the rights and property of others. Residents are also expected to attend and participate in an appropriate educational program as determined by the school district of attendance. All residents are held to acceptable hygiene standards and are directed on the appropriate use of laundry facilities. They are also expected to maintain their rooms in a neat and orderly fashion. Residents will perform light cleaning within the group home and grounds. Any court-ordered community service requirements will be completed by the resident within the time frame established by the court.

Independent living skills…

Independent living skills training is fundamental to all programming at Northwest Oasis Group Home. All residents are provided a detailed assessment of their needs in this area, and a training regimen is established to enhance their skills. Residents are provided counsel in this area on a one-on-one basis during the week and in group activities on weekends. Pre and post tests are used to determine the effectiveness of such preparedness. Age appropriate residents are allowed, encouraged, and assisted in seeking suitable employment opportunities.

Contact Northwest Oasis:

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16096 West Highway 63
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