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The girls enjoy making friends with the horses during horse therapy. Check out some of their reflections and photos from some of their sessions this summer.

I built a neat relationship with Telly. Telly is my baby. I would call him my horse. My bro. My bestie for the restie. I hope I’m able to see him again. He’s something I’m thankful for. He makes me smile!


You make your own pains in life, like we made our paths today. And the fact our paths coincide with each other shows how we came together at Passage.


Tully (Freedom’s Call)

I feel as though I cultivated a budding relationship with him. He was fun to just be around and work with! I wish I could bond with him more, like twice a week so he could get to know me better. Would they stop being so shy if they saw me more often? Or would they just stay shy? These are the questions that keep me up at night. Ha ha!


I really enjoyed being out here. It was an awesome incentive to go home and stay out of the 4th floors… I loved getting to work with the horses and the little guys. I guess they all have their own personalities. I’ve always wanted to work with animals when I get older. Or even once I get out of Passage. Thanks for letting us come out here ladies!


Adios (Pony)

I liked the pony. Well all of them but me and the pony had a lot in common. I relate to the pony because he tends to run away from people/or doesn’t trust them. That is totally me. It’s hard for me to trust people but I can always work on it.


I have trouble building relationships with other people. I don’t have trust issues, I’m not shy, I just don’t connect with people as others do. I feel like I came from another planet and I have to learn how to relate to these people on earth. I feel as though this is reflected in the way I interacted with the horses. I can be nice, I can be friendly and talk about things other people and I have in common, but usually it doesn’t get much farther than that. I can like a person, get along with a person, and we can call each other best friends. But there’s always this subtle barrier that makes me believe that my relationships with people aren’t as deep as they could be.


We all need a partner in

life’s journey

Whether it’s an animal or a person

it doesn’t matter

Love is love, isn’t it?



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