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Dustin Anderson

Daytime Supervisor

Favorite PassageWay Elements

Nature | Relationships | Spirit

“The PassageWay means working to make yourself better or keeps you open and willing to take on more. It also shows you that there a lot of areas that we can work on with ourselves to make us willing to try other experiences. So we learn more about ourselves in the process. It also means that things can be simpler than we think. Changing a few small things can have a huge impact on our daily lives.”



“I am drawn to nature and doing things outside. It is how I grew up living here in northern Wisconsin and I think it can be helpful for people to experience it. I also enjoy recreation and repairing relationships. I have seen a lot relationships damaged in law enforcement and I would like to try and help kids fix the damaged relationships that they have so they can have a better chance at success in whatever it is they want to do. I grew up with parents who turned to drugs and alcohol to help them cope with the problems they were having. I was drawn to law enforcement because of that and while working as an officer, I met a lot of the people who were doing the same things. I wanted to see the other side of law enforcement and see if I could help those in need. I definitely enjoy being helpful to the people we have come here to improve themselves. I enjoy seeing the good results.”


  • Specialty: Nature, recreation and repairing relationships
  • Education: State Certified Law Enforcement Officer; AAS, Criminal Justice
  • With Northwest Passage since 2016

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