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Erica Lumley, MFT


Favorite PassageWay Elements

Relationships | Nature | Spirit

“I see relationships as an opportunity for deeper understanding, mutual growth, and FUN! We need to feel safe in order to be vulnerable and we need to be vulnerable to truly engage in the power and synergy of relationships. I grew up in the lakes, woods, and rivers of Minnesota and Wisconsin. It only takes 10 minutes in a canoe on the Namekagon river to remind me who I really am, and how I am supposed to be in the world. Nature helps to reset and renew. I have a deeply rooted belief that every aspect of this planet is connected, and I know this comes from a wisdom that is way beyond myself. When I travel through the world with this knowledge at the forefront, and I relax into it, everything seems to be effortless. I strive to relax into this greater experience, to notice and honor the divine in others, peace within nature, and the energy that fuels me.”



“I am passionate about supporting the truth as spoken from the perspective of the children we work with. Often times they have much more information and insight than we adults realize. It is important to me that we both maintain their safety and their voice to play a major role in their wellness.”


  • Specialty: Family Systems, DBT, Trauma-Informed, Relational, Strength-based, LGBTQIA+, and EDI
  • Education: MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota
  • With Northwest Passage since 2014

I draw upon a variety of philosophies and approaches to inform my practice.

The client is the expert on self, and the family system is the expert on their family. My top priority is to consistently center client voices throughout their treatment process. The story of each individual and family is impacted by social location, or the intersectionality of race, class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, culture, and religion. Healing begins when we create space for the entire story as meaning is made by each individual within a family system, and ultimately held and understood by all members.

15 years of youth work with adolescents in the Twin Cities Metro Area informs my practice as a Marriage and Family therapist. From this experience, I bring knowledge of healing circles (Phil Gatensby), strength-based “Sparks” (Peter Benson), and a passion for Equity, Diversion, and Inclusion.

Therapeutic approach is trauma-informed (with emphasis on Somatic and IFS), relational, and draws from Symbolic-experiential family therapy (Carl Whitaker), and Structural Family Therapy (Salvador Minuchin). Other approaches include DBT, CBT, and TF-CBT.


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