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Justin Stariha

Treatment Interventionist

Favorite PassageWay Elements

Nature | Relationships| Spirit

“I live out the PassageWay by keeping an open ear and mind, free spirit, and allowing nature to sooth the soul. I believe it is important to understand that we are all mirrors, shining as a positive beacon for those lost in the dark.  The beauty of it is that it works in reverse, and the positive rays reflect back and recharge your attitude and spirit. To me, the PassageWay is opening damaged minds to the wonder of the great outdoors and teaching the residents the healing powers that can be found within it.  Through Nature Photography and Experiential Therapy, I am able to open doors and reconnect them with something that is inherently part of all of us.”



Justin has been transforming the lives of youth at Passage through outdoor education for nearly two decades. He has led the charge in innovative therapeutic outdoor recreation and restoration at Riverside – from shoreline restoration projects to wilderness ventures – he has been there through it all. These days he guides the boys on therapeutic nature photography adventures that expose the beauty of both nature and themselves; reveling ordinary miracles, every single day. Justin has devoted himself to our mission of restoring hope to the residents at Riverside. Using his greatest gifts, a kind heart and open ears, he is able to channel his inner Dr. Seuss and help to bring our “lost boys” back from the brink. He strives to open doors for our boys, many they didn’t know were there. His spirit and zest for life overflow and lift all those he connects with; finding hope and healing in the ordinary, Justin is Passage.

“When you’re young at heart and honest, the kids feel that realness and they bond quickly. It allows me to open doors to Hope and lead our kids down the path to Healing.”


  • Specialty: Outdoor Education, Fishing, Canoeing, Hiking
  • Education: Wilderness Training
  • With Northwest Passage since 1999

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