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Krista Moe

Youth Development Specialist

Favorite PassageWay Elements

Recreation | Relationships | Nature

“Meaningful recreation is my favorite PassageWay element as it serves as a catalyst for so many of the other PassageWays. Through it, we can build meaningful relationships, explore nature, get exercise, and relax all at the same time! It is also most similar to my passion and training in Occupational Therapy as well. I have a sincere passion for being in the present moment, whatever that moment is, mealtime-adventure time-chore time,  you name it. I seek to meet each resident there, eye to eye, and find a way to connect in a positive way.”



“Hope means that you can see something good in your future. It’s a chance at a dream, a possibility of a change, a thought that someone believes in you, and maybe even you believe in you too.”


  • Specialty: Child Welfare
  • Education: Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
    Associate of Applied Science as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, May 2014
  • With Northwest Passage since 2017

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