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Kyle Lexen

Transportation Coordinator

Favorite PassageWay Elements

Nature | Relaxation | Exercise

“The way life has always been is not the way it has to be in the future. Change and hope is possible & attainable.”



Kyle has spent his entire professional career devoted to building meaningful relationships in the work he does. In his nearly two decades of service he has played many roles at Passage and with that experience, brings excellent perspective to the teams he works with. He has built strong connections with the resources in our community that ensures our kids have the best access to health providers possible, which ensures our kids get the prompt service they need. Kyle is driven to create a seamless transition between sites creating the best experience possible for our kids.

“It is exciting to see that the way that things have been for our clients in the past is NOT the way things need to continue to be in the future. Hope and change are possible, and I love being a part of demonstrating and communicating that to kids and families.”


  • Specialty: Logistics, Coordination
  • Education: BA, Psychology (Bethel College)
  • With Northwest Passage since 1997

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