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Molly Thompson

Expressive Arts Teacher

Favorite PassageWay Elements

Nature | Recreation | Exercise

“I try to incorporate Nature, my favorite PassageWay element, by getting outside every day. Whether it’s gardening, taking a jog, or hiking with my camera, I love the outdoors and try to enjoy it while the weather is agreeable. I subscribe to the idea that Nature heals. Not just as a PassageWay element, but as a therapeutic vehicle, both in my life and getting to see the residents connect with Nature through Northwest Passage’s In A New Light program, that helps drive change and acceptance. I look at the PassageWay like a puzzle. Each element is its own unique piece of our life’s puzzle. As we grow, learn, and change as humans, as part of a community, more and more of the pieces come together to make for a meaningful and fulfilling life.”


“I am most excited about getting the residents outside, taking photos, using nature as therapy because I truly believe that experiencing the outdoors changes their perspectives, builds character, and gives them the opportunity to master the camera and photography.”


  • Specialty: Arts
  • Education: MA, Art Therapy
  • With Northwest Passage since 2014

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