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Taylor Abbott

Overnight Care Staff

Favorite PassageWay Elements

Nature | Nutrition | Relationships

“To me being outside is a very relaxing and healing place to be, taking time to ground yourself and experience mother nature is vital to the human experience. Nutrition is also very important, the more you consider what you put in your body the more you practice self-care and invest in a healthy future. Navigating relationships can be hard sometimes, and learning how to surround yourself with good people is also a huge act of self-care. All around, those three to me are special because learning how to harness those points in healthy ways will help anyone grow inside and out and growth is a beautiful thing.”



“In my mind, hope is a cornerstone to life. It’s the driving force to keep moving forward, and knowing that even though life can be difficult it can also be beautiful. And I see hope as a means to clear up room in the soul for growth and development.”


  • Specialty: I have a bit of knowledge when it comes to nature/wildlife. I used to work with all sorts of animals at a previous job so fun facts are my specialty.
  • With Northwest Passage since 2021

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