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State Senator Sheila Harsdorf paid a visit to Northwest Passage last week for a tour given by current Prairieview client Jade, age 16. Jade walked her through the building explaining what a day in the life of a kid at Northwest Passage looks like, while Program Director, Ellen Race, and Executive Director, Mark Elliott tagged along.

Jade explained what had happened in her life to bring her to Northwest Passage and then described the many different therapies and activities that happen within the walls of her program and the assessment program. She enjoyed her time with the senator.

“While meeting with State Senator Harsdorf I found I could talk with her easily,” Jade said of their interactions. “She seemed to show a lot of compassion for my future and what Northwest Passage is doing for teens with mental health disorders. Senator Harsdorf also has a way of making others feel important and comfortable. I felt I could tell her somewhat personal things about my life because she listens to people and enjoys what they have to say. I appreciated having the chance to meet her. She showed interest in my future to pursue my dreams. I informed her of the many opportunities Northwest Passage has to offer and how it has helped shape my character.”

“It was so great to have Senator Harsdorf visit our program,” Race said. “It’s such a terrific opportunity to share the important work being done here at Northwest Passage with children and adolescents. Senator Harsdorf really connected to our kids and was invested in hearing their stories.”

This visit meant a lot. Senator Harsdorf is a role model to the young ladies of Northwest Passage Prairieview, showing them what strong women can do. It is also a reminder that representatives care about their community and what is happening in their regions.

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