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Kira Yanko, MA, LPC, ICS

“Hope is the ability to discover beauty in the face of adversity and to see even a spark of light when surrounded by darkness. It is the cornerstone of resiliency and a necessary asset if one is to trust in the unspoken promises of tomorrow.”
Favorite PassageWay Elements:
“The most important “things” in my life are my people, my relationships. They give me fuel, comfort, joy, and a feeling of home wherever I am. They truly are my driving purpose. And they also give me stress!!! So it is imperative to me that I fill as much time with fun and laughter, and balance this with time to unwind, self-reflect, and relax.”
Education: Villanova: BA Psychology – 2004; Boston University School of Medicine: MA Mental Health & Behavioral Medicine -2006
With Northwest Passage since 2006

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