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Hope inspires the good to reveal itself.

-Emily Dickinson


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COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT PROGRAM provides a focused multidisciplinary health assessment centered around collaboration that generates a dynamic treatment plan to offer children and families a chance to stop the guesswork and find stability.

RIVERSIDE RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT PROGRAM, for adolescent males and gender-diverse adolescents experiencing significant emotional and behavioral disorders, blends sophisticated treatment with the teaching of essential life skills such as personal responsibility and relationship-building to provide an intensive, effective, and lasting treatment experience.

PRAIRIEVIEW RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT PROGRAM, designed for the unique needs of adolescent females and gender-diverse adolescents, focuses on increased self-esteem, development of healthy coping skills, promotion of positive relationship-building and social skills, and promotion of a connection to one’s community.




We know you’ve just met us, but we hope that you’ll consider our  professional connections and accreditation as you decide to trust us with your child. READ MORE…



We don’t expect your child to hit the pause button on their education. Far from it, we expect that they will excel in our academically accredited classrooms. READ MORE…


We believe that connecting with others through community activities like events and service, are a great way for our kids to build their esteem. READ MORE…


We believe that the more ways your child has to connect with positivity the better. That is why we connect our talented therapists with your kids through a variety of activities. READ MORE…


We strive to instill a sense of hope for a healthy life in your child. Living a life filled with balance and mental health is possible. READ MORE…


Our kids are able to find beauty in themselves and in the nature around them as a part of our world renowned nature photography program In a New Light. READ MORE…



“My son is doing outstanding since being home. I have NOTHING negative to report and am so pleased with how he has done since returning to our family life. He is even using DBT skills in school to help regulate himself. You have done an excellent job!”

“Our son graduated from high school yesterday, and he couldn’t have done it without Northwest Passage! I’m overcome with joy and gratitude. I truly believe you saved him (and us) from unnecessary hardship and heartache. Four years ago, I didn’t think this would be possible. I’m so glad I was wrong!”

“Thank you, all of you. Thank goodness there are facilities like Northwest Passage and people like you who work with these kids that need help. You are all truly wonderful. While we won’t know for some time the final path our child will take, you for sure have made a difference. Thank you!”

“Our family was nearly destroyed when our son began to suffer from serious depression. While he once had been a fun-loving kid with goals and dreams, we watched, helpless, as he became a shell of himself. Unable, or unwilling, to be a part of his own life, his grades suffered, his behavior changed, and our relationship fell apart. Then he went to Northwest Passage. Through careful treatment and consistent expectations, they helped my son get a handle on his depression. He learned about himself and they helped him remember what I’d known all along – he was worth fighting for.”

“I graduated from Northwest Passage about a year ago. Going there literally saved my life, and I’m grateful for that. You helped arrange a boarding school for me to go to and because of that, I was able to succeed and have an amazing senior year. I was able to graduate first in my class and am getting to go to one of my top choices for college. I am majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in computer systems engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York. I have been able to spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, camping, climbing, and so on. I just overall want to say thank you for teaching me, pushing me, and helping me grow to be more resilient and strong.”

“When I first came to Passage, I was a rude and unruly child. I was angry all the time and got the police called on me. It was hard to go through these doors, but I got the help I needed and now life is good. When I first came to Passage, I thought life there would be terrible, but then after a couple of months, I thought, ‘You know what? These people are actually trying to help me.’ So I tried to work with you, and it worked! I’ve learned that having bipolar and ADHD diagnosis is not all bad and it gives me artistic advantages. Now I’m different because I can control my anger….”




EXPERIENTIAL ARTS are a cornerstone of our programming, empowering youth with mental health issues to find beauty in the world that surrounds them, and in themselves.

TIME SPENT IN NATURE heals. Our kids have been exploring the therapeutic benefits of nature from behind the lens, in the water, or on the trails since 1978.

Through our ALUMNI AWARD FUND, we provide support to those identified as having overcome adversity while demonstrating perseverance and success after leaving our programs.



In A New Light

The art and nature of healing.



A photographic journey of hope and healing.



InaNewLight Photography Collections


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