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Sending Your Child to Northwest Passage

If your child is being admitted to a Northwest Passage program, please download the admissions PDF file. This paperwork must be completed prior to admission. It is helpful for the program to receive the completed paperwork in advance of admission whenever possible.

Preparing for the Transition

We want to help you every step of the way as you prepare to send your child to Northwest Passage for care. You may be wondering how often you get to communicate with your child or what you should pack for their departure? Below you’ll find answers to those questions and more. Just click on the button for the program your child will be attending.


Welcome Book and Caretakers Guide





Northwest Passage will develop contracts individually with parents, agencies, or third party private insurance carriers. As a part of the admissions screening process, the options for payment will be discussed.


Health Insurance Coverage

Northwest Passage works with a variety of insurance carriers. As part of the referral process, we will determine if you have health insurance benefits that may apply to our services. Please be prepared to provide detailed private insurance information for this part of the process.

Making a Referral

Northwest Passage accepts referrals from parents, social service personnel, community service providers (therapists, psychiatrists), and independent educational consultants.

Because each child is unique and the goals and motivations for seeking treatment services are dynamic, each referral involves a screening process where the referring party can provide information about the child in need of services. This will help us determine the most appropriate options to meet your needs. Information that will be helpful during this process includes general demographics (age, date of birth, etc.) and a history of the child’s previous services, needs, and reasons for seeking services.

This direct contact also offers you an opportunity to learn more about our agency and our services.

Parents/Professionals making Private Referrals
(and questions pertaining to private insurance)

Please contact our Admissions Coordinator:
 Tanya Nelson | e-mail:


County Social Service Professionals

Please contact our Admissions Directors:
Rob Lillehaug | e-mail:
Ashley Van Thomme | e-mail: 

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