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Education Mission Statement:
Northwest Passage’s education program blends academic and therapeutic objectives to empower students with the tools to achieve their full academic potential. We aim to facilitate unprecedented academic confidence and engagement through highly innovative experiential programming while simultaneously advancing individual progress in core subject coursework to maintain and exceed expected academic progress.

The goals of our education program include:

  • Creating healthy, respectful, and safe learning communities
  • Growing student confidence in academic and social/emotional skills
  • Redefining success for each individual student
  • Working with students to feel invested in their own education and future
  • Inspiring students to rediscover their love for learning
  • Meeting diverse learning needs through a trauma-informed lens


Each of the Northwest Passage residential programs provides an on-campus, year-round school. Our curriculum and coursework are aligned with Common Core State Standards. All teachers are certified, licensed teachers and considered highly qualified by the state of Wisconsin. We maintain small class sizes with several teachers’ aides to ensure that each student’s individual needs are met in a highly nurturing environment that fosters strong student-teacher relationships, student-driven achievement, and independent problem-solving skills.

Upon intake, students will go through a series of formal and informal assessment tools that will aid in forming an academic plan. These tools include, but are not limited to:

  • STAR Testing (taken upon intake and then once per quarter) to assess student knowledge and assist in academic placement
  • 1:1 meeting with teaching staff to discuss the education plan and goals while at Northwest Passage
  • Education plan and review
  • Records review
  • IEP implementation, if applicable
  • Other initial testing to best meet the student’s needs while at Northwest Passage


  • Small class sizes (6-10 students)
  • 1:4 student to teacher ratio
  • Our curriculum is a blend of direct instruction, project-based learning, independent courses, outdoor classrooms, integrative class work, experiential opportunities, field trips, and community service based training
  • Credit recovery and alternate graduation options are available

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