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Through years of providing residential treatment services, we have learned that too often children are enrolled in treatment services without a clear understanding of what is to be gained by the service. This kind of “dart-throwing” approach to treatment can easily lead to more costly yet less helpful services and often prevents, rather than promotes, success. We created this one-of-a-kind assessment program to offer children and families a chance to stop the guesswork and find stability. Our mission is to create an individualized and targeted treatment plan that leads to more effective treatment services. We recognize the significant value of professional collaboration; therefore, our assessments are completed in a highly integrated interdisciplinary team model that is more intensely beneficial than traditional outpatient evaluation services. Each member of our clinical team brings experience and expertise in their field to a process that allows for the complete integration of all of the findings. The result is an assessment that provides clear answers and a coordinated plan that incorporates specific recommendations for the child and the family system.


  • Neuropsychological Evaluation: Focuses on understanding how the individual’s brain works and the impact this has on their personality, emotions, and behaviors. Specific areas assessed include cognitive functioning, memory, language, executive skills (problem-solving), visual-perceptual skills, fine motor skills, attention, concentration, academic abilities, behavior, and personality.
  • Family Assessment: Focuses on how the child’s issues and needs have impacted the family system and how the family system can impact the child.
  • Psychiatric Assessment and Medication Management: Focuses on assessment of current medications, changes to medications when necessary, and overall effective use of psychotropic medications.
  • Educational and Academic Functioning Assessment: Focuses not only on academic functioning but also on what academic pursuits will help children find success in their education.
  • Therapeutic Lifestyle Assessment: Focuses on strengths and treatment-interfering behaviors related to the use of nature, recreation, relaxation, nutrition, exercise, relationships, service, and spirit to promote wellness. In addition, observations of clients in the therapeutic living environment and programming are used to aid the clinical evaluations.
  • Health/Medical Assessment: Focuses on evaluating overall health and providing care or seeking referrals for effective medical treatment if needed.
  • Chemical Health Assessment (if necessary): Focuses on the history of use, diagnoses, treatment planning, and recommendations integrated with other identified treatment needs.


Located in Frederic, Wisconsin, our Assessment campus is situated on 25 acres of rolling prairie and features a full-service cafeteria, comprehensive on-site clinical staff, classrooms, and space for lounging. Additionally, there is an on-site wellness center which includes a gymnasium, fitness center, classrooms, and an outdoor education classroom. The grounds offer many opportunities for play and time spent outdoors including gardens, a greenhouse, a hammock village, nature trails, an orchard, a playground, and a fire pit.


  • Serving ages 6-17 including youth of all genders
  • A safe space for all youth, including LGBTQ+ and youth of color
  • 16 beds across two units in a comfortable dorm-like setting
  • 5-6 week approximate average stay
  • 1:4 minimum staff to client ratio



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