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Located in Webster, WI, Northwest Passage’s Riverside (formerly known as Passage I), was established in 1978 as a residential care center for adolescent boys experiencing significant emotional and behavioral disorders.


Riverside builds a path to living a therapeutic lifestyle by…


  • Designing individualized programming designed to fit your child’s needs
  • Providing consistent daily expectations and the promotion of individual responsibility and respect
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships with peers, adults, and the community
  • Weaving therapeutic elements into day-to-day activities combined with individual therapy sessions
  • Providing psychiatric services and comprehensive medication management for any clients taking psychotropic medications
  • Guiding specialized group therapies based upon individual client needs, such as: Independent Living Skills, Anger Management, Corrective Thinking, Chemical Health, and Victimization/Abuse
  • Rebuilding family connections and trust with family therapy sessions
  • Providing an accredited education while in our care, services include: transitional educational opportunities available for HSED, mainstream public school, or day treatment
  • Connecting clients with an on-grounds vocational program
  • Connecting with opportunities for restorative justice


At Riverside, a client’s length of stay is based entirely upon their individualized needs, goals, and progress in cooperation with their treatment plan.


Who we serve…

Riverside serves males ages 12 to 17 who are experiencing significant challenges in life due to a variety of issues and needs.


Clients we often serve include those who have history of:


  • Significant emotional and behavioral difficulties
  • Significant mental health issues such as ADHD, mood and anxiety disorders, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Victimization and/or abuse
  • Chronic and severe academic difficulties
  • Chemical abuse or dependency
  • Impaired social and familial relationships



70 acres of beautiful property wrapped around the Clam River which features a yurt clad peninsula, docks for fishing and plenty of kayaks for optimal outdoor enjoyment. The property also features an indoor gym, school, playscape and three homes.


  • Serving ages 12-17
  • 24 beds across three houses
  • 8-12 month approximate average stay
  • 1:4 minimum staff to client ratio



Beyond the support children can find in their family, we strive to also teach our clients that they can find strength, support, and vitality in becoming a committed member of their community. Through our Restorative Justice program, residents have an opportunity to participate in significant and dynamic community service projects. These efforts can play a vital role in helping our clients see themselves, sometimes for the first time ever, as a true part of something larger.


Northwest Passage clients all share one goal: to move forward in their lives. We recognize that sometimes the most fearful part of a treatment experience is the end. When the time comes for our clients to take their new skills and put them to work in their homes and communities, we know that their greatest need is support.

Each resident is assigned a Case Manager who begins working with clients at least one month prior to discharge.

The Case Manager is available to help residents reintegrate into their communities including finding jobs, enrolling successfully in school and setting up an appropriate IEP (Individualized Education Plan) if necessary, addressing a family’s stressors specific to the return of the client to family living, and in general aiding with all matters of transition. This service continues, without additional cost, for at least 60 days following a client’s discharge.

Northwest Passage accepts referrals from parents, social service personnel, community service providers (therapists, psychiatrists), and independent educational consultants.



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