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Neuropsychological Evaluations

    • Neuropsychological evaluations focus on understanding how the individual’s brain works and the impact this has on their personality, emotions, and behaviors. Specific areas assessed include cognitive functioning, memory, language, executive skills (problem-solving), visual-perceptual skills, fine motor skills, attention, concentration, academic abilities, behavior, and personality.
    • Available for all ages

      What Can Be Accomplished?

      • Personalized Insights: Gain a detailed understanding and enable tailored support that maximizes clients’ potential.
      • Informed Interventions: A thorough understanding of underlying factors contributing to a client’s challenges, allowing for precise intervention planning.
      • Collaborative Support: We work closely with family members, educators, and other relevant professionals to develop cohesive plans that address all aspects of development.
      • Empowering Clients: By identifying areas of strength and providing target support, our evaluations empower clients to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.


Individual Therapy

    • Our team of highly qualified therapists has extensive experience working with youth with trauma and significant mental health concerns. Clients meet one-on-one with an experienced clinician, as defined by their individual treatment plan. Together, they will work towards understanding their feelings and emotions in a safe environment.
    • Clients Served: Children and Adolescents

      What Can Be Accomplished?

      • Expert Support: Our team of therapists specializes in offering evidence-based interventions tailored to the client’s unique needs.
      • Collaborative Approach: We work closely with parents/caregivers to support the client’s mental health within the context of their home life.
      • Early Intervention: Addressing mental health concerns early can prevent them from impacting the client’s overall well-being.


Group Therapy

    • Our group therapy is designed around Northwest Passage’s PassageWay Elements to empower students with essential skills to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and strength. This 8-week experiential group focuses on enhancing emotional regulation, promoting positive relationships, increasing self-efficacy, encouraging problem-solving skills, fostering optimism, developing coping strategies, enhancing communication skills, increasing self-awareness, and providing a safe space for students.
    • Clients Served: Children and Adolescents

      What Can Be Accomplished?

      • Enhance Emotional Regulation: Recognizing and managing emotions effectively, fostering emotional resilience.
      • Promote Positive Relationships: Facilitate the development of healthy relationships with peers, providing a supportive network.
      • Increase Self-Efficacy: Empower clients to believe they can overcome challenges and achieve their goals.
      • Encourage Problem-Solving Skills: Teach clients problem-solving techniques to address challenges.
      • Foster Optimism: Cultivate a positive outlook on life and an optimistic mindset, even in the face of difficulties.
      • Develop Coping Strategies: Equip clients with strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and negative emotions.
      • Enhance Communication Skills: Improve assertiveness, active listening, and expressing needs and emotions.
      • Increase Self-Awareness: Help clients understand their strengths, weaknesses, and emotions.
      • Provide a Safe Space: Create a safe and supportive environment where clients feel comfortable expressing themselves and seeking help.

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