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Dr. David Ammend, MD

Medical Director / Pediatrician

Favorite PassageWay Elements

Nature | Recreation | Relationships

“PassageWay to me is about creating a conceptual framework and language to make it easier for NWP staff to guide residents and their families in pursuing lifestyle changes that can lead to improved mental and physical health.  By using a common language, it is simpler to communicate to residents, families, and other involved persons why these lifestyle approaches are important, and to facilitate the continuation of these activities when the resident moves on to a new setting.”



“I find that injecting some humor into my day is a great tension reliever. It can make a good day better, and a tough day not so bad. I try to share this with the kids when I see them. For some, it is clearly a bit of a surprise that the DOCTOR is actually someone who will joke with them. Injecting humor into the first visit often makes for a much more relaxed relationship for the duration of their stay with us. And to have the kids throw out a humorous line to me – maybe while just walking past my office – always makes both of us smile.”


  • Specialty: Pediatrician
  • Education: Pediatric Residency; MD; BA, Political Science
  • With Northwest Passage since 1992

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