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Taylor Mathias


Favorite PassageWay Elements

Relationships | Nature | Spirit

“I love exploring new trails, breathing in fresh air, and enjoying Wisconsin’s four seasons. I share these moments with the ones I love the most, while praising the One who made all of it.”



“I believe learning doesn’t just happen within the four walls of a classroom. Innovative lesson plans and hands-on project-based learning are a crucial part of the class structure. Nature and outdoor recreation are strategically woven into our curriculum as well. Lessons that involve passing around pheasant feathers and tasting samples of pure maple syrup help the students grasp concepts and truly learn. As an Assessment teacher, I get the opportunity to impact many lives. With that being said, I give my full effort day in and day out to ensure that everyone who enters my classroom feels safe, accepted, and heard. After all, when we boil it down, shouldn’t learning be fun?”


  • Specialty: Outdoor Recreation, Coaching, Science
  • Education: Winona State – Communication Studies; St. Mary’s University – Special Education
  • With Northwest Passage since 2016

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