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Lisa Ludwig, MSW, APSW

"HOPE: Helping Others (and Ourselves) Persist (or Persevere) and Evolve. Hope, to me, is finding and holding a - or THE - reason and meaning to persist and evolve. Hope can be one of those things that, the more you share it, the more it grows, both inside and outside of you."
Favorite PassageWay Elements:
"Cultivating meaningful relationships with self and others through work and play helps keep me grounded AND dreaming big. When I get to build relationships by trudging through the muck AND rainbows of life, doing and inspiring good, and sharing passions, interests, knowledge, and experiences, I am at my most creative, energetic, open, engaged, and fulfilled. That's my best, most joyful and healthful life!"
Education: UW-Milwaukee BSW, 2007; MSW, 2020
With Northwest Passage since 2022

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