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In a New Light is a constellation of strength-based therapeutic programs that harness the power of art and nature, and operate under the principles of positive psychology. These programs aim to empower children in residential treatment at Northwest Passage to perceive themselves through a lens of strength and awe-inspiring accomplishments. Through art exhibitions around the United States, as well as worldwide media exposure, our young artists have touched the lives of over one million people to date. By sharing their story, In a New Light gives youth struggling with mental health issues a voice to prove to the world that they are profoundly worthy of society’s investment.





The In a New Light Gallery, located in Webster Wisconsin, is the physical manifestation of the hope and healing experiences of art and nature. The first of its kind, the In a New Light Gallery showcases the artwork of Northwest Passage’s clients who are learning for the first time to navigate their lives based on the talents they hold, instead of the perceptions of weakness thrust upon them by societal norms.

Opened in May of 2013, the In a New Light Gallery serves as a bridge to our community – a public testament to the truly astonishing talents of children and teens who are too often marginalized with the stigma associated with his or her mental illness. The goal of the space is to create conversation, to spread that tiny seed of insight that may one day change our culture.


7417 North Bass Lake Road
Webster, Wisconsin 54893


Friday: 9 am – 4 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 3 pm
Sunday: CLOSED
Monday – Thursday: Hours vary, please call 715-309-4254 for daily information

“Pick what you Pay” pricing at the In a New Light Gallery

Although the In a New Light Gallery serves as a fundraising mechanism for the expressive arts programming at Northwest Passage, that is not its main purpose. The goal of this space is to spread the mission of hope and healing to as many people as possible. In order to achieve this, the In a New Light Gallery has adopted a unique “Pick your Price” approach to pricing available artwork and retail. Everything within the In a New Light Gallery is listed at cost, and from there a visitor can decide how much they are able and willing to donate in exchange for the item – knowing that any additional funds go directly into the expressive arts program to put cameras and art supplies into the hands of our young artists. When spreading your mission is the primary goal, great things are bound to happen.

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