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Yesterday we emerged from the wild jungles of Corcovado National Park.  With photos of over 130 different animal species under our belts, as well as the scrapes, bites, bruises, and satisfied sense of exhaustion reminding us that we earned every one, we settled into our rented cottage in the beach town of Drake Bay for an evening of rest.

 Today, we jumped back behind our lenses for some new subject matter.  We took a boat to the river town of Sierpe, and met up with the superintendent of Terraba-Sierpe National Wetlands, Jaime Gonzalez Acosta.

Jaime is a kindred spirit.  The moment he jumped in our boat his eyes lit up, and he began sharing everything he knew about his beloved wetlands with an inspiring sense of excitement and curiosity.  An avid photographer himself, he coached Renny and Ethan in the techniques of capturing the unique character of the place as we spent the next six hours slowly navigating the wetland’s circuitous river channels. We spotted huge crocodiles with awesomely alarming frequency,  and watched “our” migratory green heron hunt in the shallows from 15 feet away, camera shutters snapping every step of the way.

Yet another day that words cannot even begin to capture.  A few photos will have to suffice.


ethan 1IMG_1673

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