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Today we were going to hike to a cave with bats known to live there,  but we only made it about 8 miles total. We traveled through the hot, steep, sandy beaches; the thick dense jungle; and the wet muddy lowlands. On the way we encountered a ospray eating a freshly caught fish, and while we where watching the ospray, a 9 foot crocodile came swimming out of the backwaters and up onto a far beach. We decided to stalk the crocodile and ended up with some absolutely phenomenal pictures of him sunning – and a lucky shot of him as he spotted us and tore off down the beach into the water. Later, we encountered several migratory species of bird common to Wisconsin. It is amazing the journey that these tiny little creatures make. We also saw some incredibly brilliant colored macaws – getting some great shots of the resting and flying poses. The midday rest on the beach and swim in the ocean was greatly needed and deserved. All in all, today was fantastic and was a once in a lifetime experience.


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