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The girls at Prairieview got to go outside and spend some healing time in nature today.

Mindful excitement

“Mindful Excitement”

This is an experience you want to live to see.  Have you ever seen something so exciting, But so mindful? This flower is working, but all you see is stillness.  There is much more to this flower than what you are seeing.  Be Mindful yourself, and you just may see that this flower has a little MOVE to it.


“Pink Beauty”

My Name is Monnee Ne’Wese Haack and I am here at NWP to work on the things that will make me healthier and happier.

When I needed protection,

You were there.

When I needed love,

You were there.

When I needed an escape.

You were there.


But you didn’t help,

You harmed.

And you didn’t love,

You lied.

And you weren’t an escape,

You were an addiction.


And now I am learning to help myself,

Love myself,

And escape into my own soul.

And I will fight you,

And I will win.

Minding its own BEEsiness

“Minding its own BEEsiness”

I love spring. I love seeing everything turn green, and the snow melt away. I love the blossoms on trees and bushes. Being able to “bee” outside with only a sweatshirt comforts me. It’s warm. It’s nice. Lots of people dislike when the weather begins to warm up because they fear something they believe will hurt them-bugs. When people see bees, their automatic response it to run and hide. People associate bees with being stung. But why? When I see people, I don’t associate them with murder, destruction of the earth, rape, thievery, or adultery. I think when we see a bee, our response should be grateful. They’re pollinating our flowers and crops. Flowers are beautiful. People love flowers, we buy them for our spouses for special occasions, and place them in the middle of our table for décor. Without bees, how would we be able to do so? I was super close to this bee, and it continued minding its own business, because I was not aggravating him in any way, hence, I was not running and trying to escape him. Bees are misunderstood. They are beautiful creatures & should be treated as such.

Hide & Go Seek

“Hide & Seek”

I chose to do my reflection on this picture because this turtle was not a happy turtle. In fact, he looks quite grumpy. It’s still a beautiful picture, though. It’s kind of like people. Everyone is going to be in a bad mood sometimes, or sometimes they’ll be sad, frustrated, and maybe even stubborn, but that doesn’t take away their beauty. It also reminds me of paparazzi with celebrities. They’ll go up and invade someone’s personal space and try to use it to their advantage when they’re upset. I’m kind of doing the same thing to this turtle…. Sorry bud.

Prairieview is an intensive residential mental health treatment center in Northwestern, Wisconsin.

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