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The ladies at Prairieview started a garden this spring and they just harvested the fruits, or should we say vegetables, of their labor.  The girls were able to harvest some fresh green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, and broccoli, giving them organic and fresh produce to serve for their evening snack.

They also grated up some zucchini and froze it to make bread, cake, and other goodies over the fall and winter.

The peppermint, spearmint and chamomile should be ready soon for the group to make a calming tea after they are harvested.

After gaining this gardening experience, the group may also try experimenting with growing hoops this fall.

Tracey Mofle, Prairieview Weekend Primary Staff

Growing and harvesting a garden teaches the residents of Northwest Passage many things. It teaches them a respect for the environment and shows them where their food comes from. It teaches them to care and nurture the plants.  It gets them eating healthy. It teaches them to work together to reach a goal.

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