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The Prairieview girls have been reading To Kill a Mockingbird in school and recently attended the Guthrie Theater’s To Kill a Mockingbird play in Minneapolis, MN. It was their first time to the Guthrie for all of the girls and the first time to Minneapolis for several of them. The girls were in awe of the theater and the experience was a great one for all who attended! After the play, the girls attended a Q and A session with the cast members. In class, the girls have been dissecting the book by learning new vocabulary, practicing their creative writing skills by developing and extending the characters, participating in literature circles, and researching the themes of the book.

Brittany Bosak, Northwest Passage Prairieview Teacher

Prairieview-Guthrie- (1) Prairieview-Guthrie- (2)

Our teachers at Northwest Passage are always looking for new ways to teach our youth. Taking the girls to see “To Kill a Mockingbird” at the Guthrie Theater is another example. Seeing the play after reading the books is not only a culturally enriching experience but also has significant educational benefits. It helps students to better understand the plot and vocabulary of the book/play, so overall improving their literary knowledge. It also improves their ability to read the emotions of others, enhancing empathy.

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