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We know how busy you are and we’re honored you took a moment to read this story so we’ll get right to the point. Please take seven minutes out of your day to watch this video.

We invite you to take an emotional journey with the ladies of Prairieview. Filmmaker Meredith Nelson takes us inside the minds of these girls so that you, the viewer, can confront and reflect upon the issues our girls struggle with. They’ve articulated their journey beautifully through poetry and prose and they express their insight into how photography gives them a chance to freely explore outwardly so they don’t feel trapped inwardly, in a controlled, safe environment, and how liberating/novel that is for them; they can express themselves and release certain feelings in ways they couldn’t before. They get first-hand experiences with intangible and tangible results.

Take a moment to honor these experiences through this video.

Meet the Stars of the Show


“Zana is brilliantly articulate; Brooklyn is endearing and honest; Becca is our heroine; Zianni and Lauryn offer additional insights about the world and their experiences exploring it in a different way, finding extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary..” 

Meredith Nelson


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