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Northwest Passage’s Prairieview program, serving young women aged 12-17, has formed a basketball team – the Passage Pioneers. The team will be a continuation of Passage’s commitment to fostering a therapeutic lifestyle for our kids by hitting on three of the eight elements of a healthy lifestyle: exercise, recreation, and relationships. The coach, Taylor Mathias, proposed the idea because he wanted to give the girls an opportunity that most other residential treatment facilities aren’t able to offer. He also wanted to give them the chance to be part of a team. Coach Taylor says, “Playing on a basketball team is a powerful way to form bonds. The connection you share with your teammates goes a long way in developing trust and relationship skills.” Teammate Jay agrees, “My favorite part about being on the team is being able to work with new people and build up relationships.”

The Pioneers began their inaugural basketball season with early morning practices last week. Coach Taylor says of the 6:45 am practices, “the girls are very tired at the start of practice but it is a great way for them to start the day. The physical activity allows them to focus outwardly on what they’re doing and to get out of their heads for a bit. It has been incredibly powerful already.”

They are looking forward to getting out into the community to take on local public schools in the area this basketball season. The teammates all share similar feelings of nervousness and excitement for the upcoming games. One teammate comments, “I feel confident and a little nervous, but I’m prepared. I just want to have fun and I want to see my teammates happy and proud of themselves too.”

The girls are very grateful for the opportunity to be the first basketball team for Northwest Passage. Teammate Jordyn explains, “Being on the first ever team at NWP means something powerful. Calling myself a pioneer makes me confident.” Teammate Malia agrees, “It’s a very proud feeling. I suppose you could say it’s kind of like making history.”

Northwest Passage is blazing the trail in the mental health field and now on the basketball court too. How fitting to call these girls “Pioneers”.

Game Date     Game Time                 Opponent                               Location

12/4/2017       4:15 PM                       Frederic JV                              Frederic HS

12/5/2017       5:45 PM                       Webster JV                              Webster HS

1/13/2018       11 AM, 12 PM             Arcadia, Mondovi C-Squad     Mondovi HS

1/18/2018       4:30 PM                       St. Croix Falls C-Squad                        SCF HS

1/30/2018       4:30 PM                       St. Croix Falls C-Squad                        SCF HS


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