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Prairieview held its second annual science fair this fall! The science fair is a showcase to display weeks of hard work in the classroom. The science fair unit begins with an in-depth look at the scientific method and experimental design. The girls begin with basic classroom labs, writing hypotheses and analyzing data. They learn how to design a sound experiment with all the necessary components. The exciting part about this unit is that it mixes science, writing, language, math, art and social skills all into one exciting experience.  The expectation of the project is that the students are leading the way with their teachers guiding them as needed. Each student is allowed to do a project of their choice at their own academic level.  The process is full of inquiry and discovery. The girls learn that there is no failing in research and that the scientific method is always successful in some way. The types of projects chosen varied, including experiments researching the statistical probability of M&M colors, respiration rates in dogs, the genetics of the tortoiseshell cat, best way to make a chocolate chip cookie, visual vs. auditory memory, how do puppies stay warm, what is the best homemade pop recipe based on bubbles, grittiness and flavor, and how to make the best bubble solution. Some projects took several hours to conduct while others took days, challenging the girls to be patient and consistent.  They learned how to organize their data and report the results using visual graphs. They incorporated the use of technology using iPads to film their trials, record data and take photos. Several of the projects required the girls to use specific computer programs or websites to conduct their research and carry out their procedure.

At the cumulating event, the girls all stood proudly in front of their projects and shared them with residents and visiting staff members of Northwest Passage. The education team at Northwest Passage strives to set high standards for their students while supporting them through the process. We are very proud of these young scientists from their diligent lab work to their outstanding presentations. We also appreciate those who attended the science fair to make the event a success. Thank you and we look forward to doing it again next year!

Brittany Bosak, Prairieview Teacher


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