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“Intensity” by Margaret Ann


It’s true. The sport of Fat Biking has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Athletes float across the snow on bikes with over sized frames and tires expressly designed for that purpose. The young women of Northwest Passage Prairieview (previously known as Northwest Passage III) captured images of racers at the Solstice Chase, the inaugural race of the Great Lakes Fat Bike Race Series. CyclovaXC, a local ski and bike shop and good friend of Northwest Passage hosted the event and invited us to be there to enjoy and document it. The Race took place at Big Rock Creek Retreat north of St Croix Falls, WI. It was a very exciting day and a first for all of us from Northwest Passage (myself included).  Racers role modeled camaraderie, perseverance, and a sense of humor in the face of challenging and chilly conditions. We hope you enjoy the photos!

-Ian Karl, NWP In a New Light Counselor


"Call of the Wild" by Abby

“Call of the Wild” by Abby

"Determination" by Talise

“Determination” by Talise

"Ghosts of the Past" by Abby

“Ghosts of the Past” by Abby

"If You Stop Smiling You'll Only Cry," by Talise

“If You Stop Smiling You’ll Only Cry,” by Talise

"Exhilaration" by Margaret Ann

“Exhilaration” by Margaret Ann

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