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Northwest Passage engages programming specific to the needs of our clients. Although our clients are often referred because of behaviors that have been concerning to those who love them and problematic in their lives overall, most often it is their emotions that lie at the root of their difficulties. Often, our clients are those who have experienced extreme emotions and who often attempt to avoid distress by engaging in harmful behaviors (drug use, elopements, promiscuity, self harm, etc.). Therefore, we have integrated Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or DBT, into our programming. This type of therapy differs from other methods because it focuses on emotions rather than thoughts.  DBT teaches people to look at areas of conflict in their lives and resolve them differently than they typically have in the past. Ultimately, this will help them discontinue those harmful behaviors. DBT focuses on the here and now, rather than what may have occurred in the past and includes instruction in areas such as: Emotional regulation -learning to change emotions and promote stable emotions Distress tolerance -learning how to put up with emotions that hurt but can’t be changed Interpersonal skills -learning how to appropriately interact with people to successfully get what you want Mindfulness skills -learning to be in the moment rather than always in your thoughts Meaning-making skills -identifying what is really important to you so that your behavior and plans are always tied to your values DBT typically includes one individual therapy session and one group therapy session per week. Both sessions focus on instruction of the necessary skills. Clients are also asked to complete homework assignments between sessions to help them maintain focus on the skills they are learning.
Aftercare is integrated into our case management practices. Each client’s case management needs are addressed as needed by the individual.

Post-treatment case management may include services such as:

  • Working with parents and community-based professionals to identify, connect with, and help clients access community resources to meet identified aftercare needs
  • Meeting with school officials and personnel in the community to ensure a smooth transition and positive reintegration into public school
  • Assisting older clients in formulating future plans such as employment, college, vocational programming, or the military
  • Meeting with families and other aftercare resources for counseling, problem solving, or other issues
Northwest Passage offers a unique academic experience for its clients. We recognize that education is critical for every child, but we also know that students who are struggling with their own mental health issues may not engage in education according to their potential. While mental health treatment is the top program priority, we understand that a significant step on the path to residents safely re-entering the community is preparing them to be able to participate as functional students in their local schools.

In our education program, we focus on class-room techniques using creativity and seek to educate students through an emphasis on a practical fit of subjects within life and society.

We provide education that has core subject matters centered on a basic theme. The interactive curriculum keeps the students’ interest while being flexible enough to be adapted for various learning styles and skill levels.

The curriculum takes on a variety of forms and is tailored to fit each individual’s academic level. Students are continually challenged to increase their academic abilities and consistently receive constructive feedback. As their confidence grows, the students show more and more investment.

Northwest Passage is dedicated to empowering youth through creativity. We use music, art, writing and performing arts to enhance the development and creative expression of the youth that we serve. Through In a New Light expressive arts programming, the children are given the opportunity to harness their natural tendencies to take risks while expressing themselves in a positive and uplifting manner.
Groups involving anger management and peer relationships provide consistent opportunities for our clients to gain skills in these areas. In addition, we help our clients focus on an array of healthy daily living choices through healthy living group topics such as nutrition, exercise, relationships and sex education as well as providing chemical health groups and group programming aimed at daily living skills and resilience.
Northwest Passage works with clients in need of chemical health assessments and therapy, both on an individual and group level.
Our treatment team is as sophisticated as they come, yet they never lose sight of the people they seek to help. These professionals are highly skilled, but along with providing detailed clinical analysis and individually designed programming, they also always provide practical interventions and directly useful goals that help our clients and their families make the constructive daily choices that lead them down the path to a stronger and healthier life.

Northwest Passage has pioneered a treatment approach based on highly skilled multidisciplinary assessment that aids all treatment team members in targeting goals and interventions to meet the direct needs of each client. Our professional team is completely committed to our clients and to providing a seamless web of professional support. They work full time on our staff so that our clients receive consistent treatment and immediate care.

When it comes to medications, Northwest Passage focuses on assessment of current medications, changes to medications when necessary, and overall effective use of psychotropic medications.
Neuropsychological evaluations focus on understanding how the individual’s brain works and the impact this has on their personality, emotions and behaviors. Specific areas assessed include cognitive functioning, memory, language, executive skills (problem solving), visual-perceptual skills, fine motor skills, attention, concentration, academic abilities, behavior and personality.
Northwest Passage incorporates service-learning programming to assist clients with productive and rewarding community involvement with the aim of broadening the relationship-skill-building to include communities. We partner with organizations in surrounding communities to engage our clients in rewarding service-learning projects.
Northwest Passage utilizes the EAGALA method of equine assisted therapy. Our clinical director, Angela Frederickson, works with all NWP residential programs.
Northwest Passage values the engagement of family members in the treatment process so that they can better support their child and gain an in depth understanding of their therapeutic progression and growth.We recognize that mental health issues are complex and sometimes confusing. At Northwest Passage, we help clients and their parents understand what they are facing. We recognize that the most vital part of a child’s treatment plan is the child himself and that the strength clients get from knowing what needs changing is often the strength that helps them take the first steps toward change.
Few can argue the relationship between self-esteem and an active, healthy lifestyle. Key components of the Northwest Passage Prairieview program are physical training and activities designed to promote healthy living while also providing our clients with an opportunity to experience a healthy outlet for their energies. We weave physical training, weight lifting, and outdoor adventure skills training into the programming. These activities not only provide opportunities for our clients to engage in a more active lifestyle, but they also provide very natural opportunities for pro-social interactions and the development of team-building skills.
Clients meet one-on-one with an experienced clinician, as defined by their individual treatment plan. Together, they will work towards understanding their feelings and emotions in a safe environment.
At Northwest Passage, we focus on evaluating overall health and providing care or seeking referrals for effective medical treatment if needed. Our full-time, staff pediatrician, Dr. Ammend travels to each program to assess and address these needs.
All the programs at Northwest passage have easy access to psychiatric medication management services, and frequency of visits is catered to the individual needs of the person. Dr. Himanshu Agrawal is board certified in general psychiatry as well as the subspecialty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and is well versed in the psychiatric treatment of complex clinical cases, including individuals with multiple psychiatric diagnoses (including but not limited to ADHD, pediatric bipolar disorder, childhood onset schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, personality disorder traits, autistic disorder, tic disorders etc..) He firmly believes in the following principles when meeting with any of the youth at Northwest Passage:

  • Have all appropriate and reasonable non-pharmacological measures been tried already ?
  • First do-no-harm (non-malaficience), and if possible, do as much benefit as possible (beneficence) with the lowest dose possible and for the shortest duration possible.
  • Is the medication doing what it’s supposed to be doing ? If not, then why are they still on it ?!
  • No medication changes are made without clinical collaboration with other members of the treatment team
  • No medication changes are made without the consent of the guardians, and the guardians have every right to be kept informed regularly regarding the course of medications.
  • The youth’s sense of autonomy and dignity is kept high on the priority list as medication recommendations are discussed.
Northwest Passage provides extensive transportation services for such things as admissions, family visits, medical appointments, transitional therapy appointments, court appearances, etcetera.

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