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Theresa Irmen-Dunn

Overnight Care Staff
“As an overnight staff, I am most concerned about the kids' relaxation and making sure that they have a good night feeling safe and secure in their environment.”
Favorite PassageWay Elements:
“Nature: The outdoors is a great way to clear one’s mind and appreciate the beauty in which we live. As a WI Master Naturalist, I hope to pass on my love of nature. I am passionate about gardening. Relaxation: Working overnights I try to find different ways to relax for myself and others, especially kids that have a hard time sleeping. I incorporate breathing exercises, crocheting/knitting, and as many naps as I can get into my own daily routine. Service: As a lover of all Crafts I teach the kids that want to learn to crochet. All three of the girls' units have made afghans that were donated to a women’s shelter in the area.”
Education: Certified Braille Transcriber
Specialty: Child Welfare
With Northwest Passage since 2015

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