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Aaron Long

Program Coordinator
Aaron is passionate about creating a safe and healing place for our clients to find hope. At Transitions, he works to provide a home for adults to regroup, where they don’t feel judged or punished, allowing them to take on life’s challenges with the support of the healthy and healing relationships built with our staff. In his many roles at Passage, he has served a variety of client groups using a focus on inner strengths. He helps clients realize that life is filled with many tangible and manageable areas for success. Aaron also brings an impressive array of outdoor skills which he shares with his clients whenever possible, everything from fishing, mushroom hunting, bird watching, and hunting agates – can spice up the lives of the people healing under Aaron’s care. “I like to show my clients that whatever things are like right now, they will change, and for the better. There is great hope in that. Plus, there is always room to have a few laughs.”
Favorite PassageWay Elements:
“I have extensive experience in sharing my love for the outdoors with others as I recognize the importance of creation in managing not only my mental health but that of others as well. The relevance of these PassageWay elements in my life has always guided my career path, and I have been privileged to, and am excited that I am providing a platform through Transition to help others learn and live a PassageWay lifestyle as well.”
Education: BS in Recreation, Calvin College
Specialty: Outdoor Education
With Northwest Passage since 2005

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