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Anna Pearson

Human Resources Manager
Anna has greatly enjoyed the clinical exposure she has had in working with diverse clients who are in need of comprehensive evaluations. Anna is also involved in community-based emergency mental health services and is a member of the Risk Review Committee for the Northwest Journey day treatment programs.
Favorite PassageWay Elements:
“I love spending time outside and spending quality time with family and friends. A couple of my favorite activities include playing outside with my kids and enjoying good company around a bonfire. Relaxation plays an important role in my life: I practice yoga, find moments for mindfulness and deep breathing throughout the day, and follow a routine for winding down at the end of every day. I feel my best when I take time to balance elements of the PassageWay in my daily life. I find myself feeling calmer, happier, and more resilient. The PassageWay is an easy and accessible way to talk about how we can all engage in a healthier lifestyle.”
Education: BA, Social Work
Specialty: Social Services
With Northwest Passage since 2009

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