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Well, the explorers have returned from their incredible journey – all the way from northwest Wisconsin to Costa Rica and back. In the following weeks, we’ll have lots to share…but while we’re sorting through 20,000 photographs, Renny and Ethan wanted to let the Tropical Wings Foundation know just how much this trip has meant to them.

Dear Tropical Wings,

My name is Renny and I’d like to take my time to thank you. I can’t thank you enough for funding this trip and giving me the opportunity to experience everything I did in Costa Rica. Exploring the jungle with a camera and taking magnificent boat rides… it was a dream.  Not only did I have the time of my life but in a way I found myself along the way,. Being able to have these life experiences changed my outlook on life. With this new knowledge I’ll be able to come home and continue on my path to a better life. Deep down I keep getting these feelings of true happiness and success, and it’s thanks to you guys. You have no idea how happy I am. Thank you all so much.

Renny Fons


Dear Tropical Wings,

I am extremely appreciative for the opportunity to come on this trip to Costa Rica. Down in Costa Rica we have seen abundant amount of migratory birds along with many species of animals that coexist with them. We have amazing pictures of both migratory and resident species such as toucans, crocodiles, and poisonous snakes. I can’t begin to express my extreme gratitude for getting the opportunity to go on this trip.  It is something I would never have had been able to go on without the help of you and your extreme generosity.
Thank you,
Ethan Reinhardt

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