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Autumn in Passing

Frigid air crystallizes and beds over the marshes and swamps around the St. Croix and Namekogan River Valley. Leaves scurry by like tumble weed with crisp Northern winds from Canada. The ice on Rooney Lake builds larger every morning stretching out from shore to shore. Canadian geese fly South over head in a well formed V-shape. A 10-point buck runs across the logging road in search of his soul mate before the winter flurries fly. The young men at Northwest Passage Lakeshore (previously known as Northwest Passage II) bundle up for an exciting morning. Of course a photo adventure, but excitement settles in just as the first snow fall of the year blankets the ground. Everything looks different; the trees sit silently, the sun peaks from behind the clouds, and the animal tracks from that morning glisten off the fresh snow. The sense of adventure is in the air to make the next bend in search of the next beautiful photograph. – Erik Thue, photography instructor at Northwest Passage Lakeshore My name is Michael. I’m 15 and I live in Neopit, WI.  In the past I did all kinds of drugs and alcohol.  I always ran away from home and got in trouble. In the future I would like to play with my favorite band. I like photography because I like

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