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The Riverside boys got the chance to participate in the Savage Dash (AKA Mud run) held in Spooner, Wisconsin over the weekend. The Dash is a 5K run that features various muddy obstacles and lots of fun throughout the course.

As the residents at Passage move through our treatment programs, they have many opportunities for growth. When the kids do especially well, they earn special privileges, like participating in public events like the Savage Dash. Two of our boys, Carlos and Garret, have earned this opportunity and were able to compete over the weekend. Carlos and Garret have have done a great job in showing respect for themselves and others and they are willing to participate in all activities in the program. Well done guys!

One of their staff members, Xavier, ran alongside them throughout the race. Garret finished strong coming in sixth overall, but all three who competed had a great time and were covered in mud by the end of it.

Two other boys, Holden and Mathanial, also had an opportunity to partake in the festivities – they stood on the sidelines cheering on their peers and capturing the event through the lens of cameras.

Mike Brown, Riverside Supervising Staff

Northwest Passage thinks community is important and we incorporate this into our programs. We like to get the residents participating in community events to show them the love and support that comes from being a part of a community. It shows them that when they are part of a community, they are not alone. It also helps them build their communication skills.

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