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Bigfoot spotted at Riverside campus!

Most kids get a week off school for spring break, and the kids of Northwest Passage’s Riverside program were able to enjoy some fun as well. The theme for the week was “BIGFOOT” and our residents were able to incorporate the theme into many areas of their day.

School lessons for the week focused on the lore of Bigfoot and discussions supporting both views of this mythical creature. The kids watched Monster Quest episodes from the History Channel and other educational documentaries to learn about the various sightings and scientific evidence both supporting and refuting the existence of Bigfoot. The kids made and decorated Bigfoot cutout cookies in Culinary Arts class and enjoyed Bigfoot coloring pages, word searches, connect the dots, and math problems.

Expressive Arts offered the boys a chance to create custom fit cardboard Bigfoot slippers. They also embarked on a Bigfoot photography field trip expedition, set up a trail camera on the peninsula to try to catch the elusive Sasquatch on film, and played Bigfoot Bingo with custom playing cards.

The week culminated with the Bigfoot Dash. The kids strapped on their cardboard Bigfoot slippers and took turns running a timed obstacle course. There were a lot of laughs as the boys navigated the challenges of running with big feet! There were no losers, however, as each runner was rewarded with a Bigfoot cutout cookie at the end of the race. The week of fun concluded on Friday night with popcorn and a movie – “Harry and the Hendersons” of course!

The Bigfoot Dash

Step 1: Ready, set, GO!

Step 3: Tap the pole 5 times!

Step 5: Hide like Bigfoot!

Step 7: Hit the garden gnomes with a raw egg!

Step 9: Get the rubber chicken in the hole!

Step 2: Jump the hurdle!

Step 4: HOWL like Bigfoot!

Step 6: Clear another hurdle!

Step 8: Hula-Hoop 5 times!

Step 10: Enjoy a Bigfoot cookie!

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