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Casey Lemieux

Youth Development Specialist
“My passion lies in doing kind things for others. If just one small kind gesture can help someone, then I feel I am succeeding. I also strongly believe in paying it forward, one kind gesture deserves another. To me, hope means you can always change your way of life. There is always the hope to improve our circumstances. I also feel that hope signifies strength from within, to never give up on happiness, and security.”
Favorite PassageWay Elements:
“In my personal life, I feel that relationships are the most important element. I feel that strong, healthy, supporting, and trusting relationships are important in shaping the way children grow, and view the world around them.”
Education: Associates in Applied Sciences, Major in Health Information Management, WITC; Currently pursuing Bachelors at UW Green Bay
Specialties: Positivity and Child Development
With Northwest Passage since 2014

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